Diễn Viên Nikki Capone

Nikki Capone

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Boston born Nikki Capone is an Italian-American femme fatale with looks that will blow your mind . Nikki is a power-wielding, confident woman that loves entertaining and being naked, which is why performing in porn came so naturally to her. Unlike other models, Nikki wasn't approached about getting into the adult industry. Nikki knew what she wanted, went out, and grabbed it by the balls. Dominant by nature, Nikki is demanding, and won't let a fella leave without first getting her off. In order to keep her dominance game strong Nikki is constantly in the gym pumping weights, strengthening her thighs, and flexing her muscles. Her athleticism isn't limited to the gym, as Nikki is a big sports fan, with baseball being her favorite game. When her beloved Red Sox aren't winning, watch out! You don't want to incur the wrath of this badass babe who took the name of one of the most famous mobsters of all time. Ms. Capone is a total knockout, so click play on one of her scenes right now before she has to make you an offer than you just can't refuse, capiche?

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